Simple washer/dryer repair saved big bucks


Like so many other coaches, we have the combination washer/dryer unit.  We noticed that it wasn’t drying.  In fact, it wasn’t even getting hot.  We removed the unit from the coach so we could get it serviced.  After some research we found that Sears seemed to be the primary service center however we quickly found that they didn’t service them directly but rather gave us a list of people to call.

We’re a bit allergic to the run around so we let it sit and contemplated our next moves.  We even thought about just replacing it outright.  After all it was used and who knew how bad it really was. These RV combination washer/dryer units aren’t cheap.  It’s not that they’re over priced (which some of them certainly are) it’s just a potential $1,300 bill when there are so many other priorities.  So, being the reasonably handy folks that we are, we set about to debug the problem ourselves.  We figured if we could at least identify the problem, we would have a better sense of what we were up against and be better poised to deal with any later run-around.


We removed the top of the unit to expose the drum and primary wiring and lo and behold, the wire to the heating element was broken.  The wire itself showed signs of corrosion so it may have been this way for some time.  There were also burn marks along the wire.  We first thought it had burned out but it’s more likely that the loose wire was arcing as it periodically made contact due to movement caused by the rotating drum.  Needless to say, we now have a functioning dryer after repairing the terminal connector.




Something I will note that during the post-fix trial runs, I used the infrared thermometer to measure the wire and saw it get up into the 160 degree range.  The high temperature doesn’t necessarily bother me as it is a heating element after all.  However, if it does actually burn out I may consider replacing the entire wire with a heavier gauge.

$1,300 saved (or at least delayed)

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