Keep cool with home made sun shades


When you’re out in the “wild” with the sun beating down on your coach a simple Sun Shade does wonders.  We’ve all seen the smaller versions for cars made out of the reflective insulation material (it looks like foil bubble wrap).  RV and camping stores sell pre-made Sun Shades for RVs but don’t bother.  You can make your own and even have enough material left over to make shades for all of your windows.

Most home or hardware stores sell reflective insulation in rolls of varying width.  The typical brand we’ve seen is Reflectix but any reflective insulation will do. Our front windows are 48″ tall so the 48″ x 25ft roll suited us just fine.  Simply measure the length that you need and place it in the window.  The excess material can be used to make reflective shades for all of your windows. When you’re not using them they can be rolled up and stored virtually anywhere.

Home Depot:  48 in. x 25 ft. Double Reflective Insulation
Lowes:                 48 in. x 25 ft Double Reflective Insulation



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