Custom slide out pantry shelves


The “Grasshopper” came with only two shelves in the pantry.  While they can be adjusted up and down, the wasted space became quickly apparent. Not to mention the difficulty of reaching items that were at the back of the shelf. Kristy wanted slide out shelves but didn’t want them to be the kind most commonly seen where all of the shelves slide out at once. She wanted them to slide individually and I wanted them to still be vertically adjustable.


The design I came up with is essentially the same principle as a drawer, only with a shelf instead.  The drawer slides can be found at any Home Depot or Lowes.  The base has two small vertical uprights to hold the stationary part of the drawer slide.  The shelf is about 1/4″ narrower than the pantry opening and notched to embed the slides.  Together, they form a fully adjustable slide-out shelf.

The pantry opening in our coach was not a standard size, which forced me to use some trickery with the table saw to get things to line up properly.  I cut the base and the shelf first then used those two to line up the uprights.  Since things were non-standard in size, the uprights initially hang over the edge of the base.  I attached them to the base, allowing them to hang over, and then used the table saw to cut them down to size afterwards.

The shelf itself is cut so that it plus a piece of 1 1/2″ oak trim line up flush with the pantry opening.  This not only makes it look like it’s part of the original cabinetry but also prevents any horizontal movement while traveling.  An additional shelf support pin turned upside down and placed above the shelf prevents it from tipping when fully extended.


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