About Us

We are Bennett, Kristy, and Duncan, and this is our fledgling blog.  We created it as a place where we could document the lessons we have learned, the things we have done, the places we have been.

Our new-to-us Coach

Our trusty steed is a 45′ 2014 Entegra Cornerstone.  Our previous coach was a 36′ 2006 Gulf Stream Crescendo affectionately named “The Mighty Grasshopper” because that is what we both thought when we looked at the front end for the first time.  Back in 2014, we took a trip in Kristy’s parent’s RV and liked it so much that we decided to start looking for our own.  A few months later we found the “Grasshopper” down in southern Virginia.  Both of us have backgrounds in the nautical world which made the shift to the RV world fairly easy.  It’s a boat with wheels.  Seriously though, aside from the water vs the road, the basic principles of operation and upkeep are very similar.  Fast forward now and we have sold the house and upgraded to the Cornerstone and are living the full-time lifestyle.


The "window smudger"!
The “window smudger”!

Duncan is our 25 pound portable window smudger motivated by toys and food.  He enjoys going for walks, swimming, and generally being the center of attention. No matter what’s going on he’s always willing to lend a helping paw.  Like most of his kind, he owns everything he can see so we’re sure to check with him before making any major decisions.  He is our best friend and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Where we’ve camped (so far)

Between the two of us, we have been to a little more than half of the United States, including Hawaii.  We decided to be fair and start a new map showing the states we’ve camped in since becoming RVers.  Our goal is to complete the “lower 48” together.

What in the world is “Foo”?

In the technology world “Foo” is defined as a meta-syntactic variable without any proper explanation or definition.  In layman’s terms it is a word that gets used in examples when the specific details are unimportant.  For example; in the IT world, it is not uncommon for us to use phrases like “suppose user ‘foo’ views my blog”. or “suppose I create a post about foo”.  People in the IT field will use Foo for any number of things, a humor factor not withstanding.  I know of someone who saw a Giant Foods sign with a broken “D” and “s” and promptly registered the domain giantfoo.com.  Being the geeks that we are, RV Foo is no exception with the official definition of RV Foo being:

“Pertaining to or being absolutely everything RV”


Pertaining to or being absolutely everything RV