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3000 watt Inverter Install


In our coach the inverter is typically installed in the electrical compartment, which is the one that houses the 50A shore power cable.  It sits directly opposite the battery compartment but is every bit of the 10′ limit to run up into the coach, over, and back down on the other side.  In fact, the inverter needed to be mounted as close to the top of the cabinet as possible which meant building an angle-iron rack for it to sit on. Continue reading 3000 watt Inverter Install


Choosing an inverter for your RV

An inverter is a device that converts 12v D/C electricity (aka your batteries) into 110v A/C.  A/C, or Alternating Current, is used to run things like your microwave, tv, DVD player, coffee grinder, etc (assuming you don’t have 12v versions of these items). Since we know that we want to do a fair amount of boondocking, we knew that we needed to install an inverter in our coach instead of running the generator.
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Battery compartment upgrade


Our coach came with (2) group-31 chassis batteries and (2) group-24 coach batteries. We knew that this would not work for us and knew that we would be adding 2 more coach batteries for a total of 4.  Our battery compartment had an angle-iron rack which held the (2) chassis batteries. The (2) original coach batteries however, sat in a simple tray attached to the bottom of the cabinet itself.

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Analyzing battery run times


We’ve all done it. Looked at either the amp hours or reserve capacity numbers shopping for batteries, and trying to make sense of it all. We’ve been told that a 100AH battery is measured at 20A and means that it can run 20A for 5 hours, or 10A for 10 hours, or 1A for 100 hours. Did you know; that statement is not entirely accurate? In 1897 German scientist Wilhelm Peukert derived a formula that showed that the rate of discharge increases as the load increases Continue reading Analyzing battery run times