Simple washer/dryer repair saved big bucks


Like so many other coaches, we have the combination washer/dryer unit.  We noticed that it wasn’t drying.  In fact, it wasn’t even getting hot.  Continue reading Simple washer/dryer repair saved big bucks


3000 watt Inverter Install


In our coach the inverter is typically installed in the electrical compartment, which is the one that houses the 50A shore power cable.  It sits directly opposite the battery compartment but is every bit of the 10′ limit to run up into the coach, over, and back down on the other side.  In fact, the inverter needed to be mounted as close to the top of the cabinet as possible which meant building an angle-iron rack for it to sit on. Continue reading 3000 watt Inverter Install

Enhance your decor with Smart Tiles


The original back splash in our coach was two pieces of plexiglass stuck to the wall with Velcro tape.  Needless to say that while functional it left a lot to be desired as far as decor goes.  While researching options we came across a few articles singing the praises of something called “Smart Tiles”.  You can now add us to the list of those who recommend Smart Tiles as a way to quickly and easily enhance the decor in your coach. Continue reading Enhance your decor with Smart Tiles

Campsite sewage hose etiquette

You’re enjoying the day at your campsite.  The kids are playing, the Wife is smiling, and it’s just plain good to get away.  Your new campsite neighbor pulls in as you’re sitting down to eat.  You watch as they back into the site, chock the wheels, get level, and start setting up.  Then it happens.  As you’re trying to enjoy the sweet savor of your fire-cooked meal, you get to watch and smell your new neighbor open up his sewage compartment and start making connections.  Right there in your front yard.  With a few simple rules we all can be better neighbors. Continue reading Campsite sewage hose etiquette

Choosing an inverter for your RV

An inverter is a device that converts 12v D/C electricity (aka your batteries) into 110v A/C.  A/C, or Alternating Current, is used to run things like your microwave, tv, DVD player, coffee grinder, etc (assuming you don’t have 12v versions of these items). Since we know that we want to do a fair amount of boondocking, we knew that we needed to install an inverter in our coach instead of running the generator.
Continue reading Choosing an inverter for your RV

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