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Custom slide out pantry shelves


The “Grasshopper” came with only two shelves in the pantry.  While they can be adjusted up and down, the wasted space became quickly apparent. Not to mention the difficulty of reaching items that were at the back of the shelf. Kristy wanted slide out shelves but didn’t want them to be the kind most commonly seen where all of the shelves slide out at once. She wanted them to slide individually and I wanted them to still be vertically adjustable. Continue reading Custom slide out pantry shelves

Enhance your decor with Smart Tiles


The original back splash in our coach was two pieces of plexiglass stuck to the wall with Velcro tape.  Needless to say that while functional it left a lot to be desired as far as decor goes.  While researching options we came across a few articles singing the praises of something called “Smart Tiles”.  You can now add us to the list of those who recommend Smart Tiles as a way to quickly and easily enhance the decor in your coach. Continue reading Enhance your decor with Smart Tiles