Our new-to-us coach

We bid a fond farewell to “the Mighty Grasshopper” and welcome in our new-to-us 2014 Entegra Cornerstone.  We liked the Entegra brand for its insulation factor and quiet ride.  We were actually looking at the Anthem when we stumbled onto this one and we just couldn’t pass it up.


Custom slide out pantry shelves


The “Grasshopper” came with only two shelves in the pantry.  While they can be adjusted up and down, the wasted space became quickly apparent. Not to mention the difficulty of reaching items that were at the back of the shelf. Kristy wanted slide out shelves but didn’t want them to be the kind most commonly seen where all of the shelves slide out at once. She wanted them to slide individually and I wanted them to still be vertically adjustable. Continue reading Custom slide out pantry shelves

Keep cool with home made sun shades


When you’re out in the “wild” with the sun beating down on your coach a simple Sun Shade does wonders.  We’ve all seen the smaller versions for cars made out of the reflective insulation material (it looks like foil bubble wrap).  RV and camping stores sell pre-made Sun Shades for RVs but don’t bother.  You can make your own and even have enough material left over to make shades for all of your windows. Continue reading Keep cool with home made sun shades

Jack pads – make your own


Whenever you set up, it is a good idea to place a pad of some sort between your leveling jacks and the ground.  This distributes the weight of your coach over a larger area.  In the case of macadam (black top) and grass, reasonably sized jack pads can help prevent sinking.  In the case of concrete, it can help protect it from cracking under the direct pressure.  There are many different options when it comes to jack pads from store bought to home made. Continue reading Jack pads – make your own

Water filter upgrade


Having clean water is essential for life.  There are many sources for putting water into your RV and it is not always guaranteed that the water you are getting is actually clean.  As a result, many RVers will install any combination of enhanced filtration system, ultra-violet light, and reverse osmosis system which go far beyond the single filter that usually comes with most coaches. Continue reading Water filter upgrade

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